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We provide a friendly place where players of all standards can enjoy volleyball in a social atmosphere with friendly competition.

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WSV – Mix Up Tournament
WSV – Mix Up Tournament

This season WSV are introducing a new kind of tournament where all players are rearranged into a completely new set of 12 teams with mixed ability throughout. This will take place on the first week back in 2024.

Players will be nominated into teams and rolling substitutions will be essential to ensure all players get a fair time on court.

As the teams have been carefully selected to ensure an even distribution of skill level there will be no handicap. There is all to play for on the night. See details here - https://volleyballweymouth.uk/wsv-mix-tournament-23-24/ where schedule and results will be continuously displayed.

The matches (6 minutes) and changeovers (3 minutes) are FAST so to ensure rounds are completely on time players and Refs must be ready for each start.


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WSV – League First Half Results

Congratulations to Ripple who dominated the 1st Division throughout this half of the season.

Also, very well done to TeBeCe who showed their control over the 2nd Division to regain promotion to the 1st Division for the remainder of the season.

ASMPT struggled in the 1st Division and having come last will be demoted to the 2nd Division for this 2nd half. With luck they will be able to win back their place by the end of the season.

WSV – Divisional Tournament
WSV – Divisional Tournament

This week will be he Divisional Tournament held over from the half term break.

It will be two mini leagues with everyone in each division playing the other teams in that division in a single 15 minute match with 5 minute intervals. The results will be continuously updated to the website page here.

This includes the current matches and the subsequent match details.

The webpage will need refreshing to keep it up to date but can also be viewed fro any online device like your phone.

There will be a briefing at 1830 with matches starting at 1845 and continuing all night until 2200, so please plan to arrive early and stay late for a great night of fast action volleyball.