WSV – COVID-19 Policies

Rules COVID-19 Policies and Procedures – v01.2 – 19 Sep 20
In these unprecedented times, like many other activities, the policy surrounding volleyball has to adapt.  These WSV – COVID-19 Policies and Procedures have been developed in conjunction with Weymouth Community Sports Centre management to minimise risk to health for players and refereeing personnel.  The policies have been designed to be as objective as possible using guidance from Volleyball England to match Government Guidelines and as practical as possible to maximise leisure and minimise risk.  

The following must be adhered to at all times:

  1. If you feel unwell, have a temperature or new cough do NOT attend and inform your Captain.
  2. Team Captains must report ( via the Team Application Form ) to the organisers the contact details of all their players to assist in track and trace if / when necessary.
  3. Spectators are not allowed in the building.  Those dropping off and / or collecting players must remain outside.
  4. There is a marked One-way Route within the sports hall for everyone.  Counter–flow is not permitted.  See the diagram below.
  5. Match 1 players and refereeing team should endeavour to arrive on time to allow COVID-19 procedures to be completed before match starts.  
  6. Match 2 players are not allowed to enter the building until 19:50.
  7. Upon arrival players must hand-sanitise prior to entering the building.
  8. Having entered, players are to proceed directly to the Sport Hall and to their Team Designated Area (TDA) for warm up. A TDA list is displayed on WSV Notice Board (on right side of corridor immediately prior to entering the main hall) and within the Fixture List on this website.
  9. Players are to hand-sanitise again prior to touching any volleyballs.
  10. Players are to remain in their TDA for the official warm up and the 1st set.
  11. Refereeing team, as per the Fixture List, is to be in positions of responsibility, hands-sanitised and ready for match start.
  12. Refereeing procedures:
    1. The refereeing team must wear face masks throughout.
    2. One person only may operate the score board and must be wearing gloves, supplied by WSV.
    3. Only hand whistles, as supplied by WSV, are to be used. No mouth whistles.
    4. Starting ends are the same as warm up so no coin spin required.
    5. The referee is responsible for managing the wearing of face masks by both teams (and the their refereeing team) and may award a opposing game point for non-compliance.
    6. Set results are to be written on Sports Hall White Board after each set by the score board operator.
  13. Playing procedures:
    1. A maximum of SEVEN  (7 from 9) in the TDA at any one time.  
    2. A maximum of FOUR (4 from 7) players on court during sets.  
    3. A minimum of THREE (3 from 4) player on court to constitute a valid match.
    4. Off court players (3) must space out on the bench and wear face masks. Players on court (4) do not need to wear face masks. Physical team congratulations, celebrations and huddles, etc. are to be avoided.
    5. At end of each set teams (7) to circulate anti-clockwise to other side of net, taking their bench with them.
    6. After each set face masks to be worn by all players until start of next set.
    7. When circulating between court ends players are to hand-sanitise at the net post on their right.
    8. Post match hand shaking is banned.
    9. Post match players not required for refereeing duties are to leave promptly by the Sport Hall COVID-19 Exit Doors following the One-way Route.
  14. Between Matches WSV officials will sanitise the benches and balls.
  15. Access to toilet facilities or medical assistance requires following the One-way Route.  Leave the Sports Hall by COVID-19 Exit Doors and go around the outside of the building to enter via the front main door.
  16. A review of procedures will take place after the 1st phase of the competition.
  17. These policies and procedures will remain in place until notified otherwise. 
  18. Further restrictions may be added at any time. To ease reading, changes will be colour coded to the latest version number.

Note. By these policies and procedures, which incorporate government and local initiative, every effort has been made to safeguard all WSV players and organisers and  allow WSV to continue.


Offenders may be required to leave the building