WSV – Team Application 21/22

imageSEASON: 2021/22

Team applications for the post COVID Weymouth Social Volleyball 2021/22 Season is now OPEN.


Things remain flexible due to COVID-19.  We are considering the minimum team size and procedures under the current situation.  Our COVID-19 Policies and Procedures are under review.

A Team may have a maximum of 9 players per team.

Teams including Youth Players must have at least one adult in attendance at all times. Youth players are defined as U17 on first day of the season which is 08 Sep 2021 this season.

To encourage development of all team, a team may have a maximum of three players who play within competitions that exceed the Dorset geographical area.

FEES for 2021/22

To encourage team development and increased court time for all team the increased court time has resulted in an increase cost of £220 per team. With a 22 week season, this still equates to exceptional value of approximately £1.12 per night per player of a full 9 man team.


By making an application Captains are assuring the organisers that they and their players will abide by the WSV Policies and Procedures including the COVID-19 Policies and Procedures.


The opening session of the season is on the 15th September 2021 at 18:00, please complete and endeavour to submit an application for your team before or on Tuesday 14th September 2021 via this form. As we have expanded to a competition involving 12 teams, Team Application after that date will still be considered by the organisers if any team slots remain.

You may not have missed out if you miss the date.


Individuals keen to learn and play may just turn up and will bee helped to find a team that does not have a full compliment of players and suits their standard.


Please remember, this league is run as a private competition run by the Organisers who retain the right to refuse entry of any team or individual without explanation.

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