WSV – WSO-1 Fun Games 2023

Winner Stays On Minus One

For the initial evening this season we are going to games based on a WINNER STAYS ON concept.

  • These games are aimed at fun for the start of the season.
  • There will be no records or prizes.
  • It is get everyone playing and let new players find a team.


  1. Minimum of 4 players on court.
  2. First to 15.
  3. Winner stays on, but with one less player on court each consecutive win.
    • So, a 7 man team wins the first match with 6 players on court and 1 sub
    • The next match that team play with 5 players on court and 2 subs
    • Eventually they forfeit as they will only 3 players on court.
    • The forfeit team is automatically the loosing team whatever the result.
  4. Loosing Team rests
  5. Resting Team referees
  6. Refereeing Team plays the previous winners next
  7. Rolling Substitutions recommended

Courts & Initial Start Teams

  • Court 1:
    • Waves Tsunami play Wezzaball
    • Waves Tidal referee
    • Adventurers rest
  • Court 2:
    • ASMPT play TeBeCe
    • Waves Ripple referee
    • Spike & Pillage rest
  • Court 3:
    • Hot & Spikey play Waves Riptide
    • Taborites referee
    • Waves Power rest