WSV – 2019/20 Open Tournament

Star The Open Tournament takes place on the last playing evening of the Season.

The structure and rules associated with the Open Tournament will be define in early 2020.

2019/20 Open Tournament Progress and Results, click here:

Timing. TBC.

Teams: TBC.

Handicap. The handicap, explained in the Policies, is applied to all matches.  Handicaps are above the team in the Results.

Tournament Points(TPs). Teams are awarded; 3 TPs for a win, 2 TP for a draw and 1 TPs if they lose.

1st Round. TBC.

1st Round Schedule:

  • 18:50-19:00 – Draw for Pools
  • 19:00-19:10 – Help Court Assembly
  • 19:15-21:46 – Matches
  • 21:46-22:00 – Help Disassemble Court

Promotion & Relegation: TBC.

Substitutions:  Rolling subs are allowed throughout.  However, standard subs are allowed up to before the last two minutes of each match.

Timeouts: Each team is allowed 1 timeout of 30 seconds per match but not within the last two minutes.  This does NOT extend the match timing.