WSV – 2019/20 Open Tournament

Star The Open Tournament takes place on the last playing evening of the Season.

Due to COVID-19 we have had to CANCEL this tournament

The structure and rules associated with the Open Tournament will be define in early 2020.

2019/20 Open Tournament Progress and Results, click here:

Timing. TBC.

Teams: TBC.

Handicap. The handicap, explained in the Policies, is applied to all matches.  Handicaps are above the team in the Results.

Tournament Points(TPs). Teams are awarded; 3 TPs for a win, 2 TP for a draw and 1 TPs if they lose.

1st Round. TBC.

1st Round Schedule:

  • 18:50-19:00 – Draw for Pools
  • 19:00-19:10 – Help Court Assembly
  • 19:15-21:46 – Matches
  • 21:46-22:00 – Help Disassemble Court

Promotion & Relegation: TBC.

Substitutions:  Rolling subs are allowed throughout.  However, standard subs are allowed up to before the last two minutes of each match.

Timeouts: Each team is allowed 1 timeout of 30 seconds per match but not within the last two minutes.  This does NOT extend the match timing.